ELSES matrix library

Here is the collection of matrix data generated by ELSES (http://www.elses.jp), a quantum mechanical nanomaterial simulator. The matrices are sparse, real-symmetric and appear in generalized and standard eigen-value equations.

If you use the matrix data in a publication, please cite the paper(s) indicated in the following document; Several packages are presented as an encrypted zip file that contains matrix data and a README file (README.txt). The password for decryption is " ELSES2007 " . The package name contains the size. For example, the matrix package " BNZ30 " contains matrices with the size of N=30. The matrix data is recorded in the Matrix-Market format.

Real-symmetric matrices in generalized eigen-value equations Hermitian matrices in generalized eigen-value equations Real-symmetric matrices in standard eigen-value equations Real-symmetric matrices generated by Gaussian in generalized eigen-value equations Notes
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